5 Illusion Paintings That Will Totally Amaze You


Credit: designyoutrust.com

Here are the five illusion paintings that will totally amaze you 

Credit: Pinterest


Credit: Pinterest (Light Collector)

This looks like a real waterfall having bridge aside. But wait, its actually a 3D illusion created inside a room.

Waste of Water

Credit: Wyoming Arts Council

Whoever sees it for the first time thinks, the man is wasting water, but on gazing it carefully you'll find, it's just an illusionary art which is created by Julian Beever.

Day & Night

Credit: The Northern Times

The picture was created in 1938 by illusion artist M.C. Escher.

Newton in the Garden of Ideas

Credit: designyoutrust.com

The picture has a big hidden face, formed with the branches of apple tree. Also, you can see Newton sitting under the tree with his book.

For The Birds

Credit: Pinterest (HubPages)

This picture was made by Rob Gonsalves. It shows a little boy, hanging houses from the tree for birds.

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