3D Mural Paintings by Leon Keer That Will Trick Your Brain


Credit: Designboom

Leon Keer is a Dutch pop-surrealist artist. He is best known for his anamorphic mural street art.

Credit: I Support Street Art

Here are some of his 3D mural paintings that will trick your brain.

Credit: www.streetpainting3d.com


Credit: Twitter

Whoever sees it for the first time thinks, these cars are real and are stacked over one another. But it's just a mural paintings  created by Keer.

Fragile Teacups Tumble

Credit: Designboom

It is one of the shattering 3D mural art that was made on out side of a building in helsingborg, Sweden. It depects stack of teacups that appears to be falling from the side of the building.

Kit de Secours

Credit: www.streetpainting3d.com

Here's his another stunning anamorphic mural painting. It was a project where Keer collaborated with the MX Arts Tour Festival.

Equality diversity

Credit: Twitter

This Anamorphic mural art was created on the outer corner of the building in Tampa, Florida, USA. It shows a balancing of different colored stones. It is spreaded in an area of 153.75 square meters.

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