Elements of Design You Should Know


From Making Drawings to Decorating Interior of Your Room, Design Elements Play a Significant Role

Designers Use These Elements  Correctly to Create Astonishing Graphics And Illustrations 

Let's Know These 7 Elements of Design For Becoming a Pro Designer 

LINE - The Basic Pillar of Design Which Create Forms and Guides the User's eye to travel seamlessly in a design

SHAPE - The Main Structural Part of the Design is Usually Created Using  Shapes. And, Shapes itself are Composed Of Other Design Elements 

COLOR - The Most Important Element Responsible for Driving the Psychology of Viewers. Also, it makes Design Visually Appealing

VALUE - It is Used to Create Depth, Contrast or Emphasize a Particular Element or an area of a Design. 

TEXTURE - It Gives a Sense of Touch and Regulates Observer's mood

PROPORTION - It Describes how the Size of Different Parts of a Design Correlate to each other

SPACE -  Space Separates and Connects Design Elements. It Also Helps Viewer Rest Their eye and Roam Around the Design

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