Know All About American Billionaire Painter John Currin

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The American painter John Currin is one of the wealthiest painter in the world.

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His networth is around 1.43 billion dollar.

He is famous for his satirical figurative paintings, where he works on provocative sexual and social themes.

Credit: Google (Magasin III)

He was born on 1962 in Boulder, Colorado.

In early 1984, he completed his bachelor degree from Carnegie Mellon University.

And, after two years he received his master's degree in art field.

His first solo show took place in Hong Kong.

Honeymoon Nude,  Skinny Women, Nude on a Table & Rippowam are his famous paintings.

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Currin charges from $485 to $10.2 million for his work.

In 2016, his "Nice 'n Easy" got sold for 12,007,500 USD at Christie's, New York.

His contribution to American art and culture is very huge.

Credit: Google (Magasin III)

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