Why This American Iconic Painting Became a Symbol of Motherhood


Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1, is one of the most iconic painting of America.

In USA, it is commonly referred with the name of—Whistler's Mother.

Due to its utmost artistry people also calls it Victorian Mona Lisa.

It was painted by American painter James Abbott McNeill in late 1871.

It depicts Anna Matilda McNeil (the painter's mother) who is sitting on a chair, facing left, and her feet are relaxing on a wooden stool.

Let's know the reason why 'Whistler's Mother' became a symbol of motherhood

One day the artist had to draw a portrait of 15 year old model, Maggie Grahame; but due to some reason she didn't came that day.

James told his mother to pose for her.

Due to the old age of his mother, she could not stay in one posture for a long time therefore, she sat down comfortably on chair.

Thus, the art got created and became the symbol of motherhood for the whole world.

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