Meet This Art's Youngest Millionaire

Credit: Google (Avant Arte)

The renowned Gagosian art empire represented a girl, Anna Weyant whose art has sold for the hefty amount of money

Credit: Google (Wall Street Journal)

Anna is a 27 year old Canadian artist.

Credit: Google (Galerie Magazine)

She mostly works on women & still life.

Credit: Google (Artnet News)

Two years ago her painting "summertime" got sold for $12,000 but, its resold price was massive $1.5 million.

Credit: Google (Avant Arte)

Her painting 'Falling Women' was sold for 1.6 million dollar at a Sotheby's auction in the last month.

Credit: Google (GoLocalProv)

The painting features a Falling Women whose mouth is surprisingly opened & her eyes are strangely impassive.

Credit: Google (Spreaker)

Just three years ago her painting was sold for $400

Credit: Google (Wall Street Journal)

And now, she is the youngest millionaire of the world’s largest art empire

Credit: Google (Avant Arte)

Credit: Google (Finnoexpert)

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