Why English Artist Damien Hirst Burnt His Thousands of Paintings


Credit: Artmajeur

Damien Hirst is one of the wealthiest artists in the world. He is also an art collector & entrepreneur.

Credit: The Telegraph

He is famous for his series of works where dead animals such as a cow, a shark & sheep are conserved as an antique.

Credit: Alejandra de Argos

Credit: Art News

In late 2016, he produced ten thousand individual dot paintings under different titles.

Later, under an NFT project named "The currency",  he linked each painting with  NFT and sold those for $2000.

Damien then proposed the idea that if someone buys physical art, he will destroy the NFT. Otherwise, if someone buys NFT, he will destroy the physical art.

Twenty-four hours before the deadline, around 4800 people had selected to swap their physical art pieces.

More than five thousand buyers have also chosen to keep their NFTs.

Now, Damien will have to destroy his thousands of paintings at his London Gallery.

Credit: The Guardian

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