Try These Amazing Pen Drawing Tips

Here are some amazing ballpoint pen drawing hacks

Using Quality Materials

Using Quality Materials Helps in Improving Your Drawing. This is Not Necessary But if You Use Cheap Materials, There is a High Chance That Your Drawing  Will be Ruined or You May Not Get The Result You Want 

Shade Lightly 

Light Pressure Helps You to Add More Layers. It Also Protects Your Drawing Surface 

Shade in Layers 

If You Shade Layer by Layer, Your Drawing Will Look More Realistic Because You Can Add More Details to it 

Use Crosshatching 

If You Want to Smooth Your Ball Pen Drawing, You Should Use Crosshatching Technique by Applying Little Pressure. It Helps Blend The Art 

Practice Simultaneously With Pencil 

Just Practicing With Pen Won't Uplift Your Drawing. You Need to Devote Your Time to Pencil

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