These 3D Art Museums Will Totally Amaze You

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3D World Selfie Museum

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It is the world's largest 3D art museum built on the land of Dubai. It covers over than the area of 21,000 square feet.

3D Art in Paradise Langkawi

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This Malaysian art museum stretches out 21,000 square feet which makes it second-largest 3D museum in the world. It features more than hundreds 3D stunning paintings.

Dream Museum Zone Bali (DMZ)


No list of 3D museums would be complete without the funniest place on earth, Dream Museum Zone Bali.

Here you will find different rooms with various themes that will take you to different realms. Some famous works of the Renaissance have also been featured here, including the Mona Lisa carrying a basket of fruits and Van Gogh with shaving foam.

Interactive Art Museum Bali

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This can be the best place for those who want to see dreams in their real life. In this museum there are lots of mind-melting 3D paintings that will totally amaze you.

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