Best Shading Techniques You Should Know 


Shading, The Most Essential Part of Your Drawing. It Brings Life to The Flat Sketches

Learning New Shading Techniques Can Take Your Drawings to Next Level

Here are the 7 best shading techniques you should know

Hatching - The Technique Uses Many Parallel Lines to Construct  a Figure or Shade a Region 

Cross-Hatching - This is Similar to Hatching But Here The Parallel Lines Gets Intersected by The Vertical or Horizontal Lines 

Scribbling - This Technique is Specially Used For Making Chaotic Things Like Hair, Trees by Using Random Lines

Stippling - The Most Time Consuming Technique, it Utilizes Dots to Create Darker And Lighter Regions

Contour Shading - One of The Best Technique For Figure Drawing. It is Drawn Using Different Types of Line 

Circling -  This Technique Deploys Circular Stokes to Create Shades 

Blending - This is Very Common Technique Used For Making Smooth Drawing

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