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Mural Illusion

Artist - 1010

The Mural art on the Building is Created by Artist 1010. To Reciprocate the Feeling of 3 Dimensionality he has Used the Technique Called "trompe-I' oiel" 


3D Crosswalk

Artist - Vegi GIH (Firm)

The Zebra Stripe Illusion is Really Astounding. Made in the Town of IsafJordur, Iceland — the art is Intended to Slow Down the Motorists & Increase the Town's Beauty 

Caracas Sphere

Artist - Jesus Soto

The Famous Caracas Sphere Created by Jesus Soto is Magnificent. Soto has Utilized a Series of Aluminum Rods to Shape This Hanging Kinetic art. 


Grass Globe

Artist - Francois Abelanet

The Green Globe Installation Created by Francois is Really Bizarre. This illusion is Designed Using a Projection Technique Called Anamorphosis


Room Illusion

Artist - Peter Kogler

This Mind-Boggling Optical Illusion is Designed by Peter Kogler. He Converted the Flat White Walls of Lobby into this  Hypnotic art

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