5 Most Popular Calligraphy Styles 


Here are 5 most popular calligraphy styles

Western Calligraphy

Western Calligraphy is Mostly Used in Designing Invitation Card, Paper Arts, etc. Its Style like foundation hand, italic hand, and roman writing are Prominently taught in Colleges. 

Oriental Calligraphy

Oriental Calligraphy is One of the Early Art Form Related to Writing. Even Today it is Highly Used by Scribes & Artisans, If You Are a History Nerd You Must Learn it

Islamic Calligraphy 

Known as Arabic (Khatt Arabi) Calligraphy. This Style follows Unique Geometric Shapes. It is Used in Mosque, Quran, Poetry, Architecture & Other Art Forms.

Southern Asian Calligraphy

This Style is One of The Oldest Style Ever Discovered. If You Learn Southern Asian Calligraphy You Can Better Understand The Customs & Rituals of Asian Countries Like- India, Nepal & Tibet

Eastern Asian Calligraphy

This Style is Popular in China, Japan & Korea. If You Are Interested in Knowing Their Culture & History Then, You Should Try Eastern Calligraphy

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