The Changing Meaning of Art, and AI

The age of digital art has transformed the meaning of art.

It is no longer just about going to an art gallery and admiring the works of an artist.

The meaning of art for the digital generation has changed a lot, they are highly attracted to NFTs and other digital forms of art.

Digital art is going next level with the power of evolving software, Virtual Reality, and Blockchain technology.

Nowadays artists can express their work across a number of mediums and reach audiences that may not have been possible in the past.

Many artists have begun to express their creativity using codes & computer-generated programs.

An AI video

The digital era has also introduced us to Ai art tools such as DALLE-2 & Ai-Da that can create mind-boggling works of art.

But, many questions whether art produced by Robots can be considered true art or not.

The world of art is rapidly changing and evolving, so for the coming generation, there's an opportunity to get leverage of the tools and enrich their artistic emotions & experiences.

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