Tips to Improve Your Comic Drawings


Here are 5 tips to improve your comic drawings

Learn From  Masters

If You Learn From Masters, Then There is a Chance That You Will Learn Things Quickly And Get to Know The Hidden Concepts

Practice Gesture Drawing

Gesture Drawing is Important For Comic Because Gesture Drawing Helps to Quickly Make The Form, Action & Pose of a Character

Practice Anatomy Drawing

Anatomy Drawing is Best For Learning Figure Drawing. Using Anatomy You Can Easily Improve Your Comic Drawings as Well as Can —  Create a Distinct Style 

Practice With Intention 

Just Making Comic Drawing's Isn't Enough — If You Really Want to Improve Your Comic Drawing Then Comic Must Have a Good Story

Maintain Consistency 

Consistency is Most Important Key For Learning Any Skill. If You Don't Build a Habit of Practicing Regularly, it Would Elongate Your Process of Learning

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