5 Coolest Art Hacks to Reveal Your Skill


Here are some coolest art hacks you aren't using

 Masking Tape Hack

Use a masking tape to make a triangle or square shape inside a paper, also stick it around the page. Apply color to the page and afterward remove the tape to get a beautiful stencil painting

Fork Hack

Using a fork you can easily make circular & bell-shaped flowers. Turn the fork back & dip it into color, now make flower petals using it. Also, use the fork's corner to make leaves

String Hack

Using string hack, you can create unique designs. Soak a string into color & randomly place it on the canvas. Now, slowly pull the string downwards to the beautiful art.

Cotton Bud Hack

With Cotton Bud, One Can Easily Make Trees. You can use a cotton bud to color the tree's crown and the space around it. To make the tree more realistic, do apply a tint of white paint over the tree.

Brush Bristle Hack

With brush bristles, one can easily make Astilbe & Delphinium flowers. Dip the brush into color &  tap it gently on the paper to create the flower. For more realistic look spill white color over it

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