Drawing Exercises You Can't Skip


Warm-up Exercise

For Doing This Exercise, Just Make Random Shapes & Lines in Your Sketchbook. It Will Help Your Linework Become More Fluid.

Centering Exercise

Centering is a Part of Eye Training, This Involves Drawing of a Line & Judging its Center. After That, The Marked Point is Checked Using Divider.

Line Distance Exercise

Step 1 - Draw Two Lines a Smaller & Bigger One, Then Put a Butter Paper on it & Trace The Bigger Line

Step 2 - Now Keep The Butter Paper Somewhere Else & Immitate The Smaller Line

Basic Shapes Drawing

Practice Drawing Object by Simplifying it Into Simple Shapes 

Make lines using 2 points

The Most Easiest Exercise. Practice Making Two Dots at Different Distance & Connect it Using Lines Without Any Tool

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