7 Weird Facts About American Richest Artist Jeff Koons


Credit: Yohoo News

Jeff Koons, the American artist is widely known for his sculptures of everyday objects.

Credit: Time

Here are the seven weird facts about him.

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At the age of eight, Jeff copied old master works & sold it on his father's furniture store.

Koons was first married to Ilona Staller Anna (a Italian porn star). And also created provocative works with Anna which made him famous.

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Jeff does not creates any of his sculptures himself. Rather, he gets it done by his own team, who create custom designs of "creative genius".

Credit: Insta @jeffkoons

When he had to give money to children, school clubs or charities, he used to collect money from his neighbors by selling candies & gift-wrap paper.

At bedtime Koons plays "Art Games" with his children.

Credit: Phoide

Credit: Phoide

 Jeff loves to eat cereals because it reminds him of mother's milk.

Lastly, his favorite food is Tuna burger.

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