See these famous American paintings

Let's see these famous American paintings

George Washington

Credits: Pinterest (Flickr)

This is the portrait of first U.S. President by Gilbert Charles Stuart. Gilbert begin making the art in 1796 but later he decided to not complete it.

 Freedom From Want

Credits: Pinterest (First We Feast) 

Norman Rockwell had painted this artwork which was part of his four series paintings. It reflects the Thanksgiving American culture. It was inspired by US President Roosevelt.

American Gothic

Credits: Pinterest ( 

American Gothic is one of the most recognizable paintings in American history. It was made in 1930 on beaverboard.

Whistler’s Mother

Credits: Pinterest (The Guardian) 

Painted in 1871 by great artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler. He depicted his mother's picture(Anna McNeil Whistler) on canvas.

Christina's World

Credits: Pinterest (Arttree/ Wall Canvas/) 

Christina's World is an egg tempera work where a young girl is sitting on the ground & looking towards the distant grey house. This work was created on 1948 in a realist style.

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