5 Most Iconic Work of Andy Warhol 


Andy Warhol was a brilliant American painter, producer, illustrator and a film director

He was one of the successful painters of 20th century who took birth on 6 August, 1928

Here are 5 most famous paintings by American painter Andy Warhol

Coca Cola

Credits:@Anthony Hatcher

First on our list is Coca Cola. It was created in 1962. It was one of the most iconic pictures of Warhol which was sold for more than $57 million


Credits: Pintrest

The Painting features a banana in pop art style with yellow peel having black spots on it



The picture was one of the final series of self-portraits which Warhol made in the year before he passed.He had painted it in five different versions including green, yellow, blue, red & purple

Campbell's soup cans


Campbell's soup cans is also one of the renowned works of Andy. It is also referred as 32 Campbellā€™s soup cans. It was painted between Nov 1961 to April 1962


Credits:Artspace (Pintrest)

Warhol painted hundreds of MAO's portraits with a photograph from his little red book

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