Genius Art Hacks You Must Try in 2022

Here are some genius art hacks you must use in 2022

Pencil Color Removing Hack

For removing color, just stick & uproot the scotch magic tape where you want to remove color from

Picture Tracing Hack

Using crayons you can easily create leaves & coins. Put the leaf under the paper and rub crayons over it. After rubbing, draw the outline of the traced picture with a pen

Circle Drawing Hack

For this hack, place the binder clip on the paper, hold it from one side using the tip of a pencil and from the other end, trap another sharped pencil and turn it all around to make a circle

Sketch Color Removing Hack 

In this hack, clean the tip and core of the felt pen thoroughly in water and then set it as before. Now the pen can be used as a color remover to create designs and shapes over the sketch paintings

Color Carrying Hack 

Now, carry your favorite tube colors on your trips. Take a small candy tin box and stick bottle caps inside it, now put your colors under it & close the box lid properly to avoid spills

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