Mind Bending illusionary paintings by Edgar Müller


Credit: Pinterest (Light Collector)

Edgar Müller, the German 3D street artist is famous for his mind bending optical illusions.

Credit: Gulf News

Here are some of his illusionary paintings that will shake your brain.

Credit: boredpanda.com

Shark Street Art

Credit: Magazin-Aktualne.cz-Aktualne

This street art was created in Hong Kong. It featured an angry shark coming out of the ground.

Tribute to mount Fuji

Credit: Widewalls

Tribute to mount Fuji was created in 2013. It shows lots of pavement pieces that is floating in the air.

Lava Burst

Credit: Kaid Benfield Archive

It was made in 2008. It depicts the disaster in a small town where the pavement bursted and the river starts flowing.

The Waterfall

Credit: An Optical Illusion

After looking at this picture, it seems as water is flowing through the middle of the rock but in reality, it is a creation of German artist Edgar Müller.


Credit: Edgar Mueller

When you look at it first time, you might think it is a real escalator. But in reality it is a 3D optical illusion created using chalk.

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