Thriving Artist Jadé Fadojutimi's First Presentation With Gagosian

Credit: The Hepworth Wakefield

Jadé Fadojutimi is a London based painter whose colorful work defines emotions, introspection and the human identity.

Credit: Ocula

She is 1993 born and hasn't turned 30 yet.

She is best known for her large-scale abstractions art.


Her works has been acquired by many institutions including Tate(London), Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.

Over the past few years, her art were in high demand.

Credit: British Vogue

Last year two of her works made millions.

Credit: The Hepworth Wakefield

''A Muddled Mind That's Never Confined''

Credit: MutualArt

Myths of Pleasure

Credit: Art.Salon

This October, her first presentation with world's largest gallery (Gagosian) will took place, where her new work will be established.


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