Mind-bending Opticals Illusion That Will Freeze You 


 Oculus in the Camera degli Sposi of the Ducal Palace

Credit: bbc.com

This painting was made by Andrea Mangtegna between Year 1465-74.

Sweeping it Under the Carpet

Credit: Wikipedia

It was created by Banksy where he shows a lady sweeping dirt under the carpet of a brick wall.

 All is Vanity

Credit: Wikipedia

American illustrator Charles Allan Gilbert created it in 1892. The picture seems as a skull, but when you look it with attention, a woman looking inside a mirror would appear.

Galatea of the Spheres

Credit: Wikipedia

Draw hands

Credit: Wikipedia

It is a lithograph by Maurits Cornelis Escher (a Dutch painter). Escher used paradoxical act in this drawing.

Rotorelief discs

Credit: Wikipedia

Cataract 3

Credit: Wikipedia

In late 1968, she was the first British women painter to win the international prize for "Cataract" painting series.

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