These Illusionary Paintings Will Make You Look Twice

Credit: Times Now

Forever Always

Credit: Wikiart

The inner setting of the house has two big hidden faces of older couple.  You can also observe a musical performance going & a lady standing at the door.

Visions of Quixote

Credit: Wikiart

Whoever sees it for the first time thinks, it's a pic of an older man with his long moustache, but on gazing it carefully, you'll find two mens are on horseback with their weapons. And there are scary face all around.

Celestial Bodies

Credit: www.

It was created in a surrealist Style depicting  a naked angel wrapped around another naked girl. Also you can observe two more naked fairies at the bottom holding a planet.

Ecstasy of the Lilies


Marilyn In the Mirror

Credit: Pinterest (

This is a picture of Marilyn (an American actress) in which half of the face is formed with the reflection of mirror.

Credit: Times Now

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