This Artist Uses Her Face to Showcase Her Artistic Skill

All Pic Credit: Insta @khaleesiisaa

Khaleesllsaa is a well-known make-up artist who uses her face to showcase her artistic skill.

All Pic Credit: Insta @khaleesiisaa

She is famous for her amazing face art.

She is from Germany.

She boasts around 530k followers on Instagram.

Here are some of her mind bending face art.

Here she depicts herself into a pastel unicorn.

 In this pic she features a pig who is wearing the brimmed hat, bow tie & holding a shamrock with her lips.

 Here she decorated her face with a Picasso's lover portrait (Marie-Thérèse Walter).

 After gazing it, you might think it is a real Rengoku-san anime. However, its just a face art.

All Pic Credit: Insta @khaleesiisaa

What do you think the pic depicts after taking a glimpse of it? Of course a Chihuahua dog. But actually it is a creation of Khaleesllsaa.

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