Unbelievable: Myths About Leonardo da Vinci


Most of you know that Leonardo was a genius painter, engineer, sculptor, scientist & architect

Who was born on 15 April 1452 in Anchiano

Here are some myths about Leonardo Da Vinci 

It is belived that Da Vinci has depicted ''secret'' codes & symbolic patterns in his artwork

Leonardo didn't use ''secret codes'' or his artistic 'innovations' because his paintings were made according to patrons & were traditionally influenced

There's no strong evidence supporting the thesis that Leonardo has developed or used secret codes in his artwork

Leonardo used mirror-writing to wrote secret ideas

Leonardo was lefthanded. He might have used his left hand to protect the ink from smudging while writing

Da Vinci was gay

So far there is no proper evidence that Leonardo was gay. By the way, he was once punished for sodomy but later he released 

He made the Shroud of Turin 

Shroud of Turin existed hundred years before Da Vinci took birth

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