Nail art secrets you should know

There are Secrets to Achieve Pretty Nail Arts; Know these Secrets to Get Better Results

Let's Know Some of the awesome secrets that can help you make astounding nail arts

Clean Up

Use Cotton Wad on Toothpick or a Quality brush to Clean up Nails. Also, use Tapes to Reduce Clean ups

Art Symmetry

If You Want Your Nail Designs to Rock — Try Following Symmetry Rules for Curating Designs, it Makes the Art Precise and Faultless

White Polish Hack

The Most Useful Art Hack — Use French tip Polish in Place of Usual White Polish Because French Polish is Opaque & Dries Fastly

Fine Brushes

Brushes Really Help Make Better Designs; You Can make Awesome Brushes Either Using Your Hair or Your Puppy's Hair

Getting Gradient Effect

Use Glitter Nail Polish & Sponge to Add Gradient Effect on Your Art

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