The 40 Year Old Painting Got Removed From the White House

Credit: Architectural Digest

According to Politico, the iconic painting series of Norman Rockwell has been replaced in the White House

The White House now features the photos of President Joe Biden

Credit: Architectural Digest

The displaced paintings were created by Rockwell in late 1943, when he visited the White House.

For those who don't know Norman Rockwell, he was a 20th century iconic painter & illustrator from America

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

He was famous for his commercial work that covers everyday life illustrations.

The Replaced paintings were from the series "So You Want To See The President".

He depicted American's senators, top military & political officials who were waiting at the White House to meet the president.

The work was made using watercolor & pencil.

It has been hanged on the wall of West Wing of the White House for over 40 years.

Credit: Pinterest (Griffith Granny)

It is said that the paintings would be now sent to the Rockwell's family members.

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