Why Picasso's "Weeping Women" considered as a symbol of Cubism Movement


The Weeping Women is one of the most iconic painting of Picasso. It was painted in late 1937, using oil paint.

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This is the last painting from the series of 36 paintings made by Picasso.

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It depicts the picture of a lady holding her dead baby — the essence of it were derived from Guernica.

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He featured his mistress and muse "Dora Maar" in the painting.

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Let's know the reason why 'The Weeping Woman' is considered an icon of Cubism Movement?

Credit: Pablo Picasso

Picasso created this art piece to represent the sadness and devastation caused by the Civil War of Spanish.

A grieving woman is weeping in the painting, her pain is so deep, you can even feel it from the painting.

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Picasso's 'Weeping Women' is very influential, so it is considered a symbol of the Cubism movement.

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