this American artist's painting sold for $45 million

Know this American artist whose painting sold in $45 million in an Auction


Number 31 is an abstract painting by Jackson Pollock


For those who don't know Jackson Pollock, he was an abstract artist. His most works uses 'drip technique'

Pollock is majorly known for his action & abstract paintings

The painting Number 31 got unveiled on 12 may in the evening & the same day it got sold for $45 million in the New York city


The painting was from the 20th century


In ths painting Pollock depicted the signature of postwar painter's in 'drip' style


The painting was sold 30 years ago at the Christie's in auction for $3.5 million


Some other popular paintings of him are The She-Wolf, Mural, No.5, Convergence & Lavender Mist

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