Painting Techniques You Must Know

Heres are some painting techniques you must know as an artist


Impasto is a Technique Where Artists Uses Thick Layers of Paint to Make Paintings. Impasto Help in Showing Texture & Makes The Painting Standout


Underpainting is Used for Planning Composition That Creates a Base For Portraits & Landscape Drawing


In This Technique, Painting is Made With a bunch of Small Dots or Circles. If You Want to Start Stippling, Use Stiff Brush or Splaye Bristles, With these You Can Comfortably do it


Using Brush You Can Easily Create Awesome Paintings. Just Dip The Brush Into Paint & Flick The Brush on Paper Using Fingers


Glazing is a Technique That Applies a Transparent or Semi-transparent Layer of Paint Over The Dried Layer of prime Color. It is Used to Make The Painting More Eye-catching

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