Princess Diana Painting Displayed in London For The First Time

Diana was the Princess of Wales & the first wife of Prince Charles.

Credit: Google (Vogue)

She took birth on 1st July, 1964 in Sandringham, UK & took her last breath on 31 Aug, 1997 in  University Hospitals Pitié Salpêtrière, Paris, France

An art exhibition displayed Princess painting in London for the first time.

The exhibition is to run from 30th June to 6th  July, 2022.

The painting features a portrait of Diana where she is looking downwards.

Credit: Google (Tatler)

It was painted in late 1994, three years before her death, by American artist Nelson Shanks.

Credit: Google (Sotheby's)

The painting is “extraordinary head study of Diana” made of oil paint.

Credit: Google (Tatler)

In January 2022, it was sold for $201,600 at Sotheby's.

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