Rarely Seen Paintings by Leonardo da Vinci


Though most paintings of Leonardo da Vinci is popular, and known by people all around the globe

But, there are few works of him that hasn't got much attention in the past

Here are some Leonardo's rarely seen paintings   

The painting depicts the battle of anghiari in 1440 where four men are seen battle riding on horses

The Battle of Anghiari

La Bella Principessa

The other name of La Bella Principessa is portrait of Bianca Sforza. It was made in 1495-6. In 1998 the painting was sold in under $22,000 at auction 

This painting shows how well Leonardo da Vinci has studied female figure 

The Head of Leda

This pen & ink drawing was made in 1490 AD

Head of a Man in Profile Facing to The Left

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