Rarely Seen Painting of Pablo Picasso


Most artworks of Pablo Picasso are popular and known by people all over the world

But, there are some artwork of picasso's that has'nt got much attention in the past

Here are some Picasso's rarely seen paintings

Femme nue Couchee

'Woman reclining nude' is the other name of the painting. 
This is a modern art Picasso dedicated to his lover, it was made in year 1932.

Portrait of Bibi la puree

Portrait of Bibi la Puree was painted in 1901 when Picasso was just 20.

Portrait of khokhlova


Picasso has made many paintings of her wives, lover, and children. The painting "Portrait of Khokhlova" is of her very first wife.

Painting of a hand

This artwork by Picasso is also one of the rarely spotted painting, it shows how well Picasso has studied hands on the canvas

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