People Who Defined Art
the World

There are some influential artists in history who greatly contributed to the field of art

Masterpieces created by them has now become heritage
 for us

Let's know about them and their meaningful contribution to the world

Leonardo Da Vinci   The Man Behind Mona Lisa and Salvator Mundi. Vinci was a True Genius. His Works are Iconic and Still Inspires the Generation to Create and Fuel Imagination

Vincent Van Gogh  A Dutch artist who displayed his true emotions through his paintings. His works consist of visible strokes and vibrant colors. Despite failing at art initially he carried it  for his whole life.

Pablo Picasso   One of the legendary Spanish painters who questioned traditional realism. The artist put the idea of modern art In front of the world and introduced us to cubism & abstraction.

Salvador Dali — The surrealist king, who amazed People with his creative and iconic paintings.His paintings "persistence of memory" & "The golden age" are still seen as the most mysterious paintings of the past

Edvard Munch — A  Norwegian painter who is popularly known for his work '' The Scream ''. Munch used to see art as an outlet for emotions and ideas. His works show impermanence and atrocities of human

Michelangelo  One of the best-known Italian sculptors, architects, painters, and poets of the 16th century. His famous work "La Pieta" and "David" are carved from a single piece of marble.

Paul Cezanne — The best-known artist for his exceptional depiction skills. Initially, his works were underrated; he shifted his art styles towards abstraction like cubism, fauvism - which help him gain popularity

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