Things you should know about picasso


Picasso was the 1st living artist who received a special honor exhibition at the Louvre Museum in Paris on his 90th birthday.

The world's topmost 50 expensive painting includes Picasso's seven paintings. 

His art is sub-divided into various periods such as Blue Period, Rose Period, Cubism etc.

Picasso was not only painter, he was sculptor, ceramicist, stagedesigner, printmaker, playwriter and poet.

$500 Million was net worth of Picasso when he died. 

His father was an art professional. 

''Women of Algiers (Version O) was Picasso's most expensive work ever sold at auction. 

Picasso made his first oil painting in 1889.

Picasso questioned traditional art wisdom. He said ''Why should one try to imitate a person's face? If the invention of the camera made this possible'' .

He used to see art differently. He didn't perceive art as a means to reflect the realistic or detailed representation of real objects.

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