5 Tips to Rock at Portrait Paintings


Here are the five tips to rock your portrait paintings

Make the portrait using light & shadow

Credit: Pinterest (ArtStation)

The first tip is to make the portrait 3-dimensional using shadow & light. They are extremely useful for making the portrait appealing & natural

Make the outline as a guideline

Credit: Pinterest

Light outlines enhances your portraits as it acts as the guideline for the Objects and gives you defined space to add details

Draw hair as solid shape

Credit: Pinterest

Try to draw hair as a solid shape, not single strands. Solid hairs are easier to paint and looks true to life

 Avoid blending skin too smoothly

Credit: Pinterest (Juli Galimova)

Don't blend the facial skin too smoothly otherwise, it will look like a plastic doll. Instead, add hair follicles and pores

Use Dynamic Light

Credit: Pinterest (Inspiration Grid)

If you will use Dynamic light in your painting, it will look real & interesting

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