Tips To Improve your oil painting in no time

Heres are some oil painting tips that'll help you take your paintings to next level

Use Underpainting Technique

Using Underpainting You Can Easily Improve Your Oli Paintings, it Helps to Simplify The Scene Using Light & Dark Values 

Observe It From Distance

Whenever You'll Make Paintings, Try to Observe it From  Distance as Observing From  Distance Will Let You Easily Find The Flaws in Painting & its technique

Ignore Details

Try to Think of Paintings as Flat Colored Simple Shapes. Thinking This Way Will Help You Easily Breakdown the Complex Steps Involved in Making it

Know The Values

Value is the Most Important Factor in Painting. It Helps Creating  Balance and Adding Contrast in the Painting

Live Painting

Painting From Live is Very Beneficial For You. It Helps to Gain a Better Understanding of Light, Shadow, and Composition. Also, it Boosts Your Observation Skill.

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