these Brilliant painting tips

Heres are some brilliant painting tips you should follow

Paint on Small Paper

Small Paintings Usually takes less time in Completion. Fastly made Paintings Helps Quickly Analyze & Improve the Painting.

Make Thumbnail Sketches

Try Making Thumbnails Before You Start Painting. Thumbnail Sketches are Simple Made Sketches Without any Corrections. It Helps Better Plan a Painting

Study the Nature

Nature Has Many Powerful Lessons Hidden Inside  So, Observe it Carefully. Observing Nature Will Help You Better Know the Proportions,  Perspective, Composition and Values

Copy The Masters Work

Many Artist Suggests That Copy the Master's Work as Copying Helps you Look From the Master's Perspective. You Get to Know the Artist & Skills That Has Been Utilized in The Painting

Learn From Different Sources 

Use Different Sources to Learn Advanced & New Ways of Doing Things. You Can Use YouTube, Skillshare, Udemy to Do So. At Mypencilbook We Also Shares Many Lessons That Can Help You with Drawing Stuff!

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