10 Unique tips to improve your sketches
in minutes


Practice Complicated Shapes

Complicated shapes brings out your  fear and it will uplift your learning curve.

Using whole arm gives you freedom in sketching.

Use your whole arm

practice stick figure

Making stick figure will give you a better understanding of body structure.

Do Rapid Sketching

It will help you to grasp things faster than normal.

With loomis method you can understand proportions without any effort.

Use loomis method

Try making organic and random shapes to move your hands freely.

Fill Sketchbook With Random Shapes

Doodle nurtures your creative thoughts and relaxes your brain

Draw Doodles

Play around things to better know the skill and improvements you need around it.

Be Playful

Don't worry about the mistakes you do in your sketches rather think of ways to avoid it. 

Actively Notice your Mistakes 

Be in the present moment and don't expect for overnight improvements.

Maintain Patience

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