Meet the World's Famous Kinetic Sculptors

Here are the five world's famous Kinetic sculptor 

Alexander Calder

Credits: Pinterest

American artist Alexander Calder was one of the famous Kinetic sculptor. He is best known for his monumental public sculptures & innovative mobiles (kinetic sculpture).

Vladimir Tatlin

Credits:Pinterest (Daniel Gu)

Vladimir Tatlin was a Soviet and Ukrainian painter, stage designer and also an architect. He was born on Dec 28, 1885 in Mascow, Russia. He gained fame as the architect of "The Monument to the Third Worldwide."

George Rickey

Credits:Pinterest (Artsy)

Rickey is the another iconic American Sculptor. His full name is George Warren Rickey, he took birth on 6 June 1907 in South Bend, Indiana, USA.

Naum Gabo

Credits:Pinterest (Magnum Photos)

He was theorist, an influential sculptor & key figure in the Russian postwar. His contribution is lot in the subsequent development of 20th-century sculpture.

Jean Tinguely

Credits:Pinterest (CultURIEUSE)

Jean was a Swiss artist famous for his kinetic art sculptural machines. His art kind of satarized automation and technological changes. He was a 1925 born, from Fribourg, Switzerland.

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