Meet the World's First Ultra-Realistic Robotic Artist

Ai-Da is an artistic robot that was built in year 2019

Credit: Google (Dazed)

She is the world's first ultra-realistic robot artist who makes drawings, paintings & even sculptures.

Credit: Google (The Conversation)

She is an A.I (artificial intelligence) powered robot named after Ada Lovelace

Credit: Google (Dezeen)

Ai-Da gained the world's attention when she drew a portrait using pencil with her bionic hands

Credit: Google (The Guardian)

Gallerist Aidan Meller is known to design the robot with the collaboration of Engineered Arts (Cornish robotics company).

Credit: Google (Daily Express)

Her drawing arm was developed by undergraduate students Ziad Abass and Salaheldin Al Abd

Let's see some of her creations

Credit: Google (Wikipedia)

Here Ai-Da with her self-portrait

Credit: Google (Inceptive Mind)

Credit: Google (Artnet News)

Here she is making cubism painting

Credit: Google (TIME)

Her paintings has always challenged human intelligence and has set new standards for artistic excellence.

Recently, In May 2022, on the occasion of Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth, she made her portrait in contemporary style and made the headlines once again

Credit: Google (Creative Boom)

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