Ancient  Indian Art Forms That Are Still Practised Today

Credit: Webneel

Patachitra painting

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Patachitra painting is a traditional form of Bengal art. It is used to depict scenes from Hindu mythology and Bengali folktales.

Tanjore Painting

Credit: Webneel

Other name of Tanjore Painting is Palagai Padam that developed in 16th century.

Miniature Painting

Credit: Wikipedia

Kalamkari Painting

Credit: Flickr

Originated in the 8th century in Andhra Pradesh. It is created by using a wooden block to hand-print patterns and designs onto silk fabric. 

Madhubani Painting

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Madhubani painting is a unique form of Indian folk art that has been passed down through generations. It is created using striking colors and geometric shapes.

Phad Painting

Credit: Middleeastmasala

Warli Painting

Credit: Flickr

This style is a form of tribal art that is created using white paint or rice paste to reflect the simple lifestyle of the Warli tribe.

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