Controversies Sparked Around the AI ArT

Credit: The Guardian

Credit: Dazed

A number of controversies surrounding AI art have popped up in recent days.

Credit: NightCafe Creator

The idea that machines will create art isn't digestible to many.

Credit: NightCafe

From the ethical implications of using AI art to its ownership dispute, there is no shortage of debate around the topic.

Credit: ARTnews

Artists have begun to feel that AI paintings are ripping off their work.

Credit: Unsplash

The biggest Stock image sites like Getty Images, FurAffinity, and Newgrounds have banned AI Art due to legal challenges.

Credit: Unsplash

As per Getty Images CEO Craig Peters, there are big concerns about the copyright ownership of AI art.

Credit: Flickr

Ai tools have also been flagged for producing racist, pornographic, and biased images.

Credit: NightCafe Creator

It has been noted that many of the images created by AI are biased toward white people. 

Credit: Hyperallergic

All these reflect that AI is not bound to perpetuate disparities and unethically copy the work of popular artists, which is really concerning.

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