Most Bizarre Public Arts in USA

Credit: Winway

Salmon Sculpture

Credit: Pinterest

Salmon Sculpture was created by Keith Jellum in 1998. It is an outdoor art known as Transcendence. It shows a fish flying through a corner of the building.

Walking to the Sky

Credit: Flickr

Walking to the Sky is a public art, located at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was created by Jonathan Borofsky in 2004. The sculpture stands at 100-feet-tall that and consists of seven people walking on a stainless steel pole. 

Giant Fork Sculpture

Credit: Atlas Obscura

It is the World's largest stainless steel Giant Fork art that was created in 1990. It stands 35 feet tall with almost 11 tons weight and became a popular tourist attraction in Springfield.

The Awakening

Credit: Flickr

The Awakening sculpture is one of the most unique sculptures in Washington. It depicts a giant man emerging from the ground, with his head and arms reaching up to the sky. 

It is made from aluminum with a realistic appearance. The Awakening has been a popular tourist attraction since it was installed in 1980.

Cloud Gate

Credit: PxHere

The Cloud Gate, also known as "The Bean". It is one of the largest public sculptures in the world, measuring 66 feet long by 33 feet high and 42 feet wide with a weight of 110 tons.

Its exterior surface reflects and magnifies the cityscape around it, while its concave center offers visitors a one-of-a-kind view of themselves and the skyline.

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