Most Expensive Paintings Sold In 2022

Shot Sage Blue Marilyn

Credit: Flickr

Shot Sage Blue Marilyn is the most expensive painting of 2022. It was sold for $195 million on 9 May 2022. It created by Andy Warhol in 1964. 

Les Poseuses Ensemble (petite version)

Credit: Forbes

The other name of the painting is Models. It is the most expensive painting of Georges Seurat. It fetched 149.24 million dollars at Christie's evening sale.

Maternité II

Credit: Forbes

Artist - Paul Gauguin Price - $105.7 million

La Montagne Sainte-Victoire

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The painting was made between 1888-1890 by French artist Paul Cézanne.

Verger avec cyprès

Credit: Flickr

Created in April 1888 by well-known artist Van Gogh. It broke his previous record, selling for over 117 million dollars.

Large Interior, W11

Artist - Lucian Freud Price - $86.2 million


Credit: CNN

This is the portrait of Picasso's lover Marie-Theres Walter. Picasso made it in surrealistic style in early 20th century.

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