Surprising Facts About Claude Monet

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The contribution of Cloud Monet in the development of Impressionism art isn't hidden from someone but many of you don't know these interesting facts about this legendary Artist.

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Fact that Claude Monet had once destroyed his paintings wasn't believable for me.

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Let's dive Right in to unveil more such interesting facts about Monet.

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Claude Monet wasn’t the first painter who used Impressionism art style, Alfred Sisley, Camille Pissarro and Edgar Degas also used it.

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But the term Impressionism came from his famous "Impression Sunrise" paintings.

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In his teenage years, he was locally well-known for his charcoal caricatures that he use to sell for 10 to 20 francs.

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Monet’s mentor (Eugène Boudin) introduced him to en plein air art style and now this style became popular with the Impressionists.

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 Monet made two-hundred fifty “Water Lilies” Paintings in 30 Years.

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In 1908, he destroyed almost 15 water lily Paintings.

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