Why Male Artists are Paid 10-Times Higher Than the Female Artists?


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According to Georg Baselitz (a German artist) in 2015, he said that "Women don't draw & paint better than men, it's a fact.

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From the words of Georg, we can conclude that women's are still valued less in the field of art.

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Till the date the world's most expensive painting "Salvador Mundi" was made by Da Vinci, which sold for $450 million.

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While the most expensive female artist, O’Keeffe's work "White Flower" only sold $44.4million.

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And even if we compare living artists , the most expensive work of Male Artist Jeff Koons Worths $91m, whereas the Work of Female Artist Jenny Saville just Worths $12.5m.

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British artist Helen Gorrill studied fifty thousand artwork's prices that sold all around the globe & observed that a male artist earns 10-times more than the female artists.

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The primary reason for the pay gap could be the patriarchal system that treated men as supreme and gave them the power to create artworks and trade them.

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The system favoured the men predominantly, letting them gather following & become a heroic face among people.

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This made people to embrace male artists and created huge demand for their work & eventually sideline the female gems.

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However, the system is on mend, landscape can be altered as more and more female gems are entering the field.

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