to draw when your mind is empty


Draw Scribble

It is a shading technique, in which you can draw anything with the help of random lines. It’s a nice idea to draw when your mind is empty.

Make Silhouette

To make Silhouette Paintings, Colour the paper in a single tone and make a person, flower, a dancing girl or small bird, with a black marker.

Depict Yourself

Draw yourself, looking through a steel glass. Doing this can make you look funky.

draw your pet

You can draw your pet with a coloured pencil. Your pet drawings would look more beautiful in colour.

Make Basic Shapes

Basic drawing shapes play an important role in realistic or 3d drawings. You can draw basic shapes like- cube, cuboid & cylinder.

Play With Colors

You can paint a beautiful flower using a cold & warm colour mixture or take a single hue then, colour your favourite cartoon drawing.

Make A Doodle

Try to draw different doodle shapes & lines. If you feel alone, you can remove your loneliness with it.

Recreate Picasso drawing

Are you a fan of Pablo Picasso's art - if you are, recreate his artwork in your leisure. It will help you understand him better.

Design a Logo

Create a new logo for your social media pages.

Play with perspective

Draw the landscape with the help of a one-point perspective. Also, draw a building with a two-point perspective.

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