It is similar to outline drawing in which the outline of the object placed in front has to be drawn without looking at the paper.

Contour Drawing

Draw Your Bedroom

Make an illustration of your bedroom & design your bedsheet & pillow.

If you love any song or music, try drawing the note of the music with your imagination.

Draw Music Sound

Calligraphy is an art of writing which involves the design & styling of letters. If you like calligraphy then, you must try this in your spare time.

Letter Drawing

If your best friend’s birthday is coming up, you can gift a beautiful handmade birthday card by writing “Happy Birthday Dear”.

Make a Birthday Card

Mandala is an ancient form of art which uses geometric shapes and patterns that represents the cosmos and different heavenly bodies.

Draw Mandela Art

Create different types of anime eyes such as semi-realistic, common, stylized (chibi) or angry, bored, happy, sad, surprised/scared and more.

Draw Anime Eyes

You can draw a simple circlular 3D illusion. In case you don't know, 3d illusions are created by perspective.

Make 3d illusions

You can draw cool faces, emojies, symbols etc. in your hand or fingers with a black marker.

make Drawing on hand

Making doodle would be great, it reduces your stress, improves your creative skill. Create a doodle with different types of leaves.

Draw doodle leaves

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